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The 2017 season started on June 1st 2017. We are looking forward to see you!

Wharf Černošice | The ferry Kazín

Visit the Berounka Valley rich in old Bohemian history and sail below the legendary Kazín settlement on your way to Karlštejn.

Kazi ship Berounka | The ferry Kazín

when travelling from Prague to Karlštejn and back by train

Start your journey at Hlavní nádraží in Prague, take a train to Černošice, where you can board our ship Kazi and enjoy a pleasant sightseeing tour to Karlštejn Castle.

To get to the Kazín Ferry, take the S7 train in the direction towards Karlštejn, which leaves from Hlavní nádraží and Smíchovské nádraží every 30 minutes.

  • The Černošice ferry station is a 2-minute walk from the Černošice train station.
  • The Mokropsy ferry station is a 7-minute walk from the Černošice – Mokropsy train station.
  • The Pláž ferry station is a 10-minute walk from the Černošice – Mokropsy train station.
Drawing ferry Kazín | The ferry Kazín

Discover the history of mythical Slavs. Sail along the oldest ferry route in Bohemia, dating back to 1158.

You will sail along the settlement of the Bohemian princess Kazi. Discover the place where the strongman Bivoj conquered a wild boar.

Discover the beauty of the Berounka River countryside on board our boat.

The Berounka river was a busy waterway during the reign of the king Charles IV in the 14th century; at first it was used mainly for transporting sandstone blocks for the construction of Charles Bridge and for log driving which means for transporting wood to Prague.

View of the ferry Berounka Kazín | The ferry Kazín

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Sightseeing boat tours
Daily timetable

Mokropsy 09:40 11:50

12:40 14:40 16:40
Kazín 09:45 12:45 14:45 16:45
Mokropsy 9:50 12:50 14:50 16:50
Pláž 10:20 13:20 15:20 17:20
Mokropsy 10:40 13:40 15:40 17:40
Kazín 10:45 13:45 15:45 17:45
Mokropsy 10:50 13:50 15:50 17:50
Černošice 11:10 14:10 16:10 18:10
Lipence 11:30 14:30 16:30 18:30
Mokropsy 11:40 14:40 16:40 18:40

Ferry service
Daily timetable

Mokropsy ☞ Kazín 09:40 10:40 11:40 12:40 13:40 14:40 15:40 16:40 17:40 18:40
Kazín ☞ Mokropsy 09:45 10:45 11:45 12:45 13:45 14:45 15:45 16:45 17:45 18:45

We set sail in good weather; service does not operate in strong winds, storms or hailstorms.

Captain Mario Juhas with crew | The ferry Kazín

Ferry and boat trip prices

Sightseeing boat tour prices

Adults – CZK 150
Child/senior over 70 years – CZK 70
Family fare – CZK 400
(2 adults and 5 children)
Bicycles, prams, children up to 6 years of age and dogs are free of charge!

Ticket is valid for a whole day after setting sail. In case you would like to repeat the sightseeing boat trip during the same day, ask the ferryman for an identification wristband.

Kazín ferry plows through the water Berounka | The ferry Kazín

River ferry:
Mokropsy – Kazín

River ferry is integrated into the Prague Integrated Transport system.

Bicycles, prams, children up to 6 years of age and dogs are free of charge!

Passengers on board the ferry Kazín | The ferry Kazín

Private boat rental

You can rent the boat Kazi for private boat trips, including catering. Weddings, birthdays, family celebrations, corporate parties, etc.

Between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.
Price CZK 6000, incl. VAT/per one hour of boat ride.
Book at info@privozkazin.cz

Captain Mario Juhas aboard the Kazi | The ferry Kazín

Educational boat trips for schools

Student – CZK 70 (minimum 10 persons)
50-minute commented boat tours at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Reservation necessary. info@privozkazin.cz

Boat tours always start at the Mokropsy ferry station.

Tel: +420 734 204 306

Captain Mario Juhas the wharf Černošice | The ferry Kazín

The ferry service is environmentally friendly and ecological.

The ferry route and service was approved and authorised by the State Navigation Authority and the Berounka River Basin Authority (Povodí Berounky).

Kazín ferry sails to the marina | The ferry Kazín
View of the ferry Berounka Kazín | The ferry Kazín
Mokropsy wharf | The ferry Kazín
Ferry crew member Kazín | The ferry Kazín
Kazín ferry in the sunset | The ferry Kazín

Route of the Kazín Ferry


Re-establisher of  boat trips on the Berounka River
Zdeněk Bergman
Prague ferryman

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